The Jerusalem Art History Journal: An Undergraduate eJournal/Histoire de l’art à Jérusalem : cyberrevue étudiante de premier cycle considers different attachments to Jerusalem through visual perceptions and artistic representations at the religious, social and political levels. Its focus is on the multifaceted narratives, allegiances, and ideas of the city's history covering ancient times, the Roman and Byzantine periods, the Arab, Crusader and Mamluk periods, and the years under Ottoman, British Mandate, Jordan/Israeli and Israeli rule. Of central importance is the visual imagery of the real and imagined Jerusalem in the art and architecture created by different communities over thousands of years.

The journal contains papers about the art, architecture, archaeological sites, and urban spaces of Jerusalem and works of art by student artists, reflecting responses to this ancient city as a site of major world religions, competing histories, and diverse socio-political perspectives.

Submission guidelines


2017 Vol.04
Loren Lerner, Editor-in-chief
Tara Ng, Guest editor

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Tradition and Innovation
Tradition et innovation

Cross of Sibyl of Anjou
Robert Habachi

East and West Dichotomy of the Stavelot Triptych
Aakruti Patel

Mamluk Ceramics: Distinct China
Andrea Lemieux

Celestial Globes in Islamic Culture:
The Intersection of Science and Religious Beliefs
Maude Fontaine-Brossard

Ethiopia's Rich and Illustrious Cultural History,
and the Legend of Menelik I
Daouda Ka


Religion, Politics and Art
Religion, politique et art

Dialogue de représentations :
les croisades vues par les Arabes
Anna Priot

The Crown of a Christian Crusader Queen:
Reimagining Melisende's Crown
Caledonia Dionne

Paths of Paradise (Nahj al-faradis)
Réjane Mercier

Reappropriation of the Holy City and Virtual Pilgrimages to Jerusalem Displayed by Modern
and Crusader Maps
Margaréta Hanna Pintér

From the Peregrinatio in terram sanctam
to Televangelism
Sherry Babadjanov


In Search of the Sacred
À la recherche du sacré

Saint Joseph's Oratory, Revelations Analysis
and Project Creation
Aaron Butler

A Secular Pilgrimage to Montreal's Lord of Song:
An Examination of Dualities in Art, Life and Lyrics
Eden Frost

The Leafs: A Canadian's Ruined Temple
Alexander Miller

Le fil du temps
Trang Phan


Bridging the Earthly and Heavenly Realms
Jeter un pont entre le monde terrestre et le royaume céleste 

Paméla Simard

'Alam al-Din Qaysar's Celestial Globe and Anish Kapoor's Turning the World Upside Down:
Their Intricate and Complex Correlations
Stephanie Dallaire

A Knight of the d'Aluye Family
Jade De Bruto

The Golden Gate: The Gate of Mystery;
the Gate of the Faithful
Maryse Monfette

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2016 Vol.03
Loren Lerner, Editor-in-chief
Tara Ng and Kimberly Glassman, Guest editors

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A Journey to Jerusalem
Un voyage à Jérusalem

Heavenly Jerusalem as the City of God:
Representations through Illuminated Manuscripts of Saint Augustine's Theology of the Two Cities
Georges-Étienne Carrière

Muhammad's Night Journey: Comic Visual Exploration through a Western Perspective
Gabby Orellana

Armenian Illuminations: Strange Connections
between Nations
Alyag Malkhassian

How to Loot a Work of Art
Jasmine Kanter

Jerusalem: A Multi-Layered City through the Work of Jay Ginsherman
Louis Angot

Chronicles of a Naive Backpacker in Jerusalem
Florence Seymour-Provencher  


New Jerusalems and Public Art Interventions :
A Changing Landscape
Les nouvelles Jérusalem et les interventions en art public :
un contexte en pleine évolution

The Promised Land: Aksum, Ethiopia and the Ark of the Covenant
Shawn Contant

The Grand Lodge of Quebec: A Freemasonic Appropriation of Solomon's Temple as Symbol of Jerusalem
Cynthia Catel

Stone and Glass: Chihuly in the Light of
Jerusalem 2000
Michelle Sones

Anish Kapoor: Revealing the Dirty Corners of Society's Prejudices
Sasha Killalea

On Liminality and the Performance of Space:
Allan Kaprow's Fluids at the Temple Mount
Djamina Victor


Hirophany : A Return Home
La hiérophanie : un retour au bercail

Hierophany and Heavenly Jerusalem
Nicole Adama

Sabr: Mapping Palestinian Memory and Resistance
Karen Boyles

Culture of the Stone
Isabel Devine-Carter

I Now Pronounce You God and Jerusalem: An Analysis of the Ketubah and Its Relationship with the Holy City
Kimberly Glassman

Thoughts on Nostalgia, Melancholia and
Mourning in Lifta
Amélie Elizabeth Pelly


A Shared Jerusalem: Commonalities and Differences
Une Jérusalem partagée : points communs et différences

Jerusalem: Voice of God
Santino Ciarma

Planting Religions: An Artwork
Melodie Ratelle

The Role of Sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity: Doctrine, Ceremony and Art
Erin Wilson

In between Hope and Lament: Allegories through Modern Art
Adélaïde Ménard-Tremblay

Sigalit Landau et Raeda Saadeh: Étude écoféministe comparative entre une artiste israélienne et palestinienne
Amélie Rondeau Poliquin

Peace and Chaos in the Holy Land: Research Creation
Deanna Hewitt

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2015 Vol.02
Loren Lerner, Editor-in-chief
Stéphanie Hornstein, Sarah Amarica, Guest editors

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Threefold: Past Strife and Possible Unity
Le conflit ou l'union à trois

Jerusalem Manuscripts and Their Religious Pluralism
Valérie Hénault

Balance is Golden: Facets of Jerusalem in
Jewellery Design
Kristina Parker

Light Prevails: A Work about Conflict and Hope
Angelina Rosa Smedley

Villa Dolorosa
John William Lanthier

Islamic Art: Looking at Islamic Patterns
and Prayer Rugs
Sylvia Trotter Ewens

Acknowledging the Honourable Dead: The Victims behind the Holocaust and Nanjing Massacres
Yuwei Zhu

Bridging the Divide
Talia Govoni 


Constructs and Constructions
Le langage de l'architecture

Text as Symbolic Form: An Epigraphic Approach to the Umayyad Dome of the Rock
Tom Collins

Jerusalem: A Case Study of the Perception of Aesthetics in Architecture
Ania Barbara Jodzio

Transcendence and Protection: The Whirling Dome
Emilie Lefebvre

Changing Symbolism of the Wailing Wall
Tyler O'Donohue

Jerusalem's History of Print
Ashley Forbes


This is Jerusalem: Particularities and Problems
Voici Jérusalem : particularités et enjeux

Jerusalem: A Water Crisis
Daniel Abrams

The Shadow Citizens of Jerusalem
Lucy Cariou

Dirt Castle: An Investigation of Colonialism Today
Érika Circé-Perrault

Changes in Iconography and Ideology
Jessica Pelletier

Underground Jerusalem
Dominique Camps


I am Jerusalem: Personifying the City
Je suis Jérusalem : une ville à personnifier

Je suis Jérusalem et neutre
Marie-Pier Favreau-Chalifour

The Face of Jerusalem
Christopher Johnstone

A Digital Pilgrimage to the Holy City: An Art Series
Shannon Pomeroy

Reflected to Depict My Imagined Old and New Jerusalem
Tessa Charlebois


Contemporary Artistic Investigations
Démarches artistiques contemporaines

Anselm Kiefer's Next Year in Jerusalem (2010)
and the Symbolic Holy City
Sarah Amarica

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2014 Vol.01
Loren Lerner, Editor-in-chief
Mark Clintberg, Elise Bonnette, Lucile Pages, Copy-editing

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Visions and Realities
Visions et réalités

Design for an Ideal Starlight
Anna Campbell

The Artistic Apocalypse:
Three Religious Depictions of the End of Days
Amanda Charlebois

Exploration picturale de la superposition des cultures sur le mont du temple
Rachel Morneau-Hébert

Jerusalem Belongs to No One and Everyone
Patrick Martel

Three Religions, Three Sacred Sights
Eduardo Mazzonna

Jérusalem, le cœur du monde
Élise Peters 


Christian Hagia Polis Hierosolyma
Hagia Polis Hierosolyma : la ville sainte des chrétiens

The Illuminated Manuscript:
Representation of the Crusades for Jerusalem
Chloé Bergeron

Immaculate Mary: A Reflection on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Tomb of the Virgin in the Kidron Valley, Jerusalem
Elsbeth Cossar

Jerusalem Syndrome: A Photo Essay
Sara Graorac

Roman Attitudes Towards Jerusalem:
Titus and Constantine
Gabrielle Montpetit

Representations of Jesus in Early Christian Art
Samantha Wexler

Histoire d'Esme: An Imagined Story of a Ten-year Old Pilgrim to Jerusalem in the Twelfth Century
Faith Wiley

Dominus Flevit: Reconciling Relics, Historical and
Biblical Narrative through Christianity
Xin-yun Zhang


Muslim Al Quds
al-Quds : la Jérusalem des musulmans

Al-Masjid al-Aqsa: The Underappreciated Third Holiest Islamic Site
Ellen Belshaw

Lady Tunshuq's Palace: A Lasting Legacy of Mamluk Modernization
Bronwyn Carmichael

The Dome of the Rock
Ketan Patel

A Study of Islamic Geometric Tile Design
Stephanie Raudsepp 


Urban Spaces and Constructed Identities
Espaces urbains et identités construites

Bridging the Divide: JR and Marco's Face2Face Project and Israel-Palestine Separation Wall
Veronica Della Foresta

Preserving the Zion Gate:
The Role of Conservation in the Middle East
Anne-Marie Guerin

Jerusalem through the Eyes of Armenian Photographers: Garabed Krikorian, Johannes Krikorian, and Elia Kahvedjian
Herag Herkelian

Vincent Mercier

Israeli Archaeology in Jerusalem:
National Heritage, Identity, and Partiality
Charlotte Parent


Israeli and Palestinian Artists
Artistes israéliens et palestiniens

Étude comparative des œuvres photographiques de David Rubinger à deux moments de sa vie
Alison Beaulieu-Sherping

Mona Hatoum: Alluringly Near and Devastatingly Far
Marie Chaumont

Symbols and Motifs: Depictions of the Heavenly Realm in Mordecai Ardon's At the Gates of Jerusalem
Valerie Gauthier

Expressing Exile as a Shared Experience:
The Work of Steve Sabella
Stéphanie Hornstein

From the Depths of the Matrixial Sea: Reviving Loss and Memory in Contemporary Israeli Art
Braden Scott

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The journal includes papers in English and French. Papers range from four to ten double-spaced pages but there are no page limitations. Works of art created by student artists must be accompanied by explanatory texts.

Papers must be double spaced, 12-point Times Roman type, standard one-inch margins, WORD document. Endnotes and bibliography, Chicago Style citation. Place all images with full citations at the end of the paper. Copy and paste the images into the WORD document.

Copyright permissions are the responsibility of the author.

March 1, annual deadline.

Send the paper and images as an email attachment to 

The journal is a faculty-advised, student-edited, and student peer-reviewed publication.

Loren Lerner, Professor, Art History, Concordia University



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Jerusalem Journal. 
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